Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Discovering Herbal Medicine Course NOW Online!

It has taken a year to get the Discovering  Herbal Medicine online, but I am delighted that I have had the opportunity and  time to conserve, update and rebrand this legacy distance learning course.  Accredited by the British Herbal Medicine  Association, DHM has been delivered for over 40 years in mailed-out format, but  this version will cease as soon as the current students have completed their  studies.

Putting DHM online will make it more readily available to a wider audience both in the UK and abroad.DHM has been designed to enable the herbal enthusiast to explore the healing relationship between the human body in health and disease and the wonderful remedial properties of herbs that herbal practitioners use on an everyday basis.

This one-year course is not a practitioner course, as the amount of information that can be covered in one year is clearly limited. However, it does provide the opportunity to absorb the essence of the relationship between human health and plant medicine without resorting to an enormous amount of clinical detail. Having said that, this is not a superficial course and does require considerable application and fundamental interest in the power of nature.

For more information and to purchase the course go to

The cost of the full course (four Stages comprising twelve Modules) is £700 and there is an introductory discount of £125 using the code “intro2021” which is valid until the end of April. Alternatively, each of the four Stages can be purchased independently for £185.

Ann Walker DHM Course Director.